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A Globally Co-created Production ~ Coordinated Decentralization

~ Globally connected network of ‘locations, sets & props’

~ Real time, Immersive, Interactive, Recursive, Hyper Connected

~ Transmedium production

~ Regenerative filmmaking 

~ Infinite Monetization & Gamification (NFTogetherland)

~ Radical Fractional Co-ownership

~ The power of philanthropy as a world view

~ Portal to A Resource Based Holographic Economy (HiFi)

Vision & Mission

The vision is a human experience of love, creativity, freedom and adventure, and a home planet where everyone and every being is able to discover their happiness and explore the mysteries of life.


The mission of Togetherland is to provide the most amazing, outstanding, miraculous and beautiful civilization in the Universe! 

A Care First World

  1. Life Is The Bottom Line Values

  2. The Power of Co-creation 

  3. Innovation, Incubation, and Acceleration on warp drive

  4. Multifaceted Platform for Engagement

    • Satisfying contributions

    • The experience of being good at something

    • Time spent with people we like

    • The chance to be part of something bigger

  5. People/Purpose Based Interactive System of Immersion

  6. Reality and Imagination synthesize for the next human epoch

  7. New Genre of Entertainment, Gamification, and Creativity Alleviating Suffering

  8. Constructive response to ALL social problems, address EVERY SDG Simultaneously and Holistically

  9. Evolutionary Step For Film Production and Film Industry

  10. The Greatest Story Ever Told

*Bonus Feature = Future and Multiverse Proof !!!   

4,5,7,8 inspired by ARG pioneer Jane McGonigal

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